Both Division winners will automatically make the playoffs regardless of record and shall receive a bye from the first round of the playoffs. The Division winners will receive a #1 or #2 seed for the second round of the playoffs based on their league division points. The next 4 best records will also make the playoffs regardless of their division.

Seeding for the first round of the playoffs will be based on league division points record. 1 will play 4 and 2 will play 3 in the first round.

For the second round of the playoffs the #1 seeded Division winner shall play the winner of the #2/#3 first round game; the #2 seeded Division winner shall play the winner of the #1/#4 first round game. The winners of each second round game shall play in the league championship game. The winner shall be the League Champion, the loser shall be the League Runner-Up.

All ties must be broken for each team in the league.

Tie Breakers: Should there be a tie, it will be broken in the following order. This system will be used both for determining entry into the playoffs and seeding of the playoffs.

Head to Head Power Points* Division Record Coin Flip

If there is a three-way tie between the two Divisions, the tie within the same Division must be broken first. Whichever team ends up second place in the Division is automatically not eligible to host the playoff game.

*Power Points – Glen Ridge and Waldwick are tied for second place in the league after the eighth game of the season, both with a record of 6-1-1. Head to head, during the season they tied or didn’t play, which brings in to play the Power Point System. The six teams Glen Ridge beat had a combined record of 25 wins – 22 losses – 1 tie, while the combined record of the teams Waldwick beat was 23 wins – 23 losses – 2 ties. A team receives two points for every one of their opponent’s wins. So in the case of Glen Ridge (25×2) they would get 50 Points and Waldwick would receive (23×2) 46 Points. A team also receives one point for every one of their opponent’s ties. So Glen Ridge would earn an additional 1 Point and Waldwick would earn an additional 2 Points. Glen Ridge’s total would be 51 Power Points and Waldwick’s would be 48 Power Points.

OT Rules – There will be NO ties in the Playoffs. Should a game be tied at the end of regulation, the lower # seed will call a coin flip. The winner of the flip will decide if they want to go on O or D first. It is NOT sudden death. Both teams will get the ball from the opponents 20 yard-line. There will not be a coin flip at the end of each OT. You will just switch. If you went on offense first in OT #1 you will go on offense 2nd in OT #2. At the end of 3 OT’s if a game is still tied both teams MUST go for a 2-point conversation after a touchdown.

In both the Junior and Senior Divisions all teams that do not make the playoffs will play an extra game. These match-ups will be determined based on standings. In other words: 7th will play 8th, 9th will play 10th and 11th will play 12th, 13th will play 14th.