(Updated On:  September 6, 2019)

2019 Football Schedule (pdf)


2019 B Schedule (pdf)



Please note that these are the regular days, times and orders for each team, but changes may happen. Any day, time, order or location change must be submitted to the league prior to the games being played so that all teams can be notified for scouting purposes. Scouting is allowed for JR and SR games only. Scouting is not allowed for PW games. 

During the season you will receive a weekly schedule to confirm games, times, locations and order. If you know of changes in advance, please let us know as soon as possible. FYI there will be some order changes on Saturday nights due to Bar Mitzvahs. 

All teams are responsible to notify Bernie Elsinger of any changes made to the schedule so that he can make sure the refs are notified and properly scheduled. This is for A and B games.