Weigh-In Procedures


  1. On the second Saturday following Labor Day, team coaches must weigh each squad member in the presence of the Weigh-In Committee on a scale provided by the Weigh-In Chairman and certified by the County Board of Weights and Standards. All non-participant females must be cleared from the weigh-in site. A birth certificate will be presented for each player to the Weigh-In Committee and there shall be not late submissions permitted. In addition, two (2) photo cards for each player shall be present to Weigh-In Committee with completed type information including current photos of each player. Blank I.D. player cards will be supplied by the league at the August meeting. At the time of weigh-in, a typed squad roster, which must be completed prior to the weigh-in Saturday, will be presented to the Weigh-In Committee.
  2. All players must line in the town(s) which represent(s) the team on which they play unless otherwise allowed by a League resolution. The allowing of children attending private or parochial schools in a given town playing on that town’s team must be presented at a league meeting and voted on. This will only be allowed if that team needs players to be able to safely compete.
  3. Each player will be permitted to step on the scale once at each weigh-in. No exception will be made to the above. Squad Rosters shall include the following:
  4. The President will appoint a Weigh-In Chairman who will have the responsibility for making all arrangements at a central point for the weigh-in of all players. Each league member will assign a representative for each team to assist at the weigh-in. The Weigh-in Chairman will notify team representatives of the time and place of the weigh-in. All players must be accompanied at weigh-ins by team coach, league representative or other person authorized by Weigh-in Chairman.
  5. The original roster shall be given to the Weigh-In Chairman at the 1st weigh-in, who in turn shall forward copies to membership teams with an additional copy to the league secretary following the alternate weigh-in. Photo I.D. Cards will be stamped by the league and one (1) copy will be returned to the appropriate team coach. The team photo-cards will be placed in a loose-leaf notebook arranged on the pages in the same order as they appear on the roster. The book will also contain a copy of the official league roster. These photo rosters will be exchanged between head coaches prior to the start of all league games. Penalty for not having photo albums at a game will result in forfeiture. Time will be allowed for a team to produce their album before the completion of a game.
  6. Copies of all league team rosters will be sent to each League Rep by the 2nd game. Updated rosters from the mid-season weigh-in must also be sent to the League Rep’s.
  7. A 2nd or alternate weigh-in will be held on a date to be determined by the Weigh- in Chairman. This weigh-in shall be for those players unable to attend the first weigh-in. Any player who missed the original roster cannot be eligible to play until the completion of the midseason weigh-in, unless approved by the league’s Executive Committee. Players approved to be added to the roster after the first weigh-in, cannot play the first game.
  8. A midseason weigh-in will be conducted the Wednesday evening before the 5th regular season game. All players who are within 5lbs of the maximum backfield/end weigh must be present for this weigh-in unless they wish to switch their category to “line only” Any team may add new players to their rosters at this point by presenting them with photo I.D. cards, birth certificates, and all other required materials at this time. Should they qualify for the league, they may play in all the remaining games thereafter. (See addendum on page 29)
  9. Failure to submit any of the aforementioned documents to the Weigh-in Chairman at the first weigh-in shall result in the declaration of the offending team as ineligible to compete in any of the league scheduled games of the season.
  10. A player will be considered to have made the weight as long as the scale has not at least reached the next full pound. For example: if the weight limit is 140, a player will be considered to not make the weight only if the scale reads 141 or higher. Anything below 141, the player would make the weight.

Specific Weigh-In Procedures

In order to expedite the weighing in of league team members, the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Each team must be ready for weighing 15 minutes before the time they are assigned.
  2. Each team player must be lined up in the order in which they appear on the roster.
  3. Each team member must have his photo card and birth certificate in hand.
  4. Each team being weighed must have two adults present, one to sit at the weigh-in table and the other to maintain the orderly flow of participants
  5. A player may be weighed without clothing at the discretion of the player/coach. Players must at least have on underwear.
  6. Items Required:
    • Two (2) photo cards
      • Pictures must be glued to the cards. (Staples will not be accepted).
      • Cards must be filled in as set forth in the league rules.
    • A legal birth certificate (original or copy) is required. This is a certificate issued by State, Federal or Local government. Church baptismal certificates are not acceptable. You can obtain the proper certificate by contacting the city hall where the child was born. Any team having a problem obtaining a birth certificate should contact the weigh-in chairman at least two weeks in advance of the weigh-in. *Passports or Green Cards for non-citizens are acceptable.
    • Team Roster (two copies required)

  1. Players who are unable to attend the official weigh-in may attend the alternative weigh-in the following Wednesday. Failure to make either weigh-in makes a player ineligible until midseason.
  2. Maximum weight Offensive Backfield and Ends and Defensive Linebackers/Backfield
    1. a)  Pee Wees 85lbs. (as of 2010 for entire season)
    2. b)  Juniors 112 lbs./115 mid-season
    3. c)  Seniors 140 lbs./145 mid-season